Friday, 15 March 2019

The Power of Prayer & Christian Suffering

Let's see if I can keep this post relatively brief for a change!

I have had several instances recently where a prayer to Jehovah has been answered within a very short time-span. As usual with the matters I have been experiencing these past two months I was surprised on each and every occasion, but really I shouldn't be, my faith is strong, and I do trust that Jehovah will answer my prayers, but nevertheless, I am always somewhat amazed.

I'll list them below for you:

  • Whilst in Morocco a few weeks ago I started to come down with a head-cold, it came on during Sunday afternoon, and got worse during Monday, the usual symptoms of a sore throat and no energy and by Monday afternoon my sinuses were starting to block and my nose started to stream. As I went to bed that night I was concerned, as I had a golf match the next day against a man I used to play with regularly at my home club in England, who just happened to be visiting Agadir with his son on a surfing holiday. I wanted to beat him, and at the very least to have enough energy to play well, but I feared that I wouldn't get much sleep with a sore throat and a runny nose, as well as the low-energy state I was in due to the cold. So, as I prayed that night, I told Jehovah the situation and got into bed. Literally within seconds, as I lay my head on the pillow, I could feel my sinuses clearing, the sore throat stopped, and the nose dried up. Within 30 seconds all of this occurred, it was really remarkable to experience, and I cleared my throat a few times to make sure I wasn't imagining it. I was clear of all symptoms, had a good night's sleep, and had enough energy to beat my abortion-loving heathen adversary the next day. Praise the Lord!
  • Next, I was driving to Birmingham last week, late on the Tuesday night, as I was going to be watching a major professional badminton championship for the rest of the week. As I loaded the car and set off it was terrible weather. High winds and torrential heavy rain, it felt really dangerous to be driving at all. So, as I had around 200 miles ahead of me, I said a prayer as I was driving, asking God to stop the rain and help me to have a safe journey to my destination. Within 10 minutes, the rain eased off and the wind dropped. The rain didn't stop altogether, but eased down to just a light drizzle, which was no problem at all. No spray on the road, and good visibility was restored. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised, but shouldn't have been.
  • I picked up another bug of some kind at the event in Birmingham, and as I was driving back on Friday I was feeling rough. It wasn't a cold this time, something else, and it left me feeling really run down, with no energy at all, even climbing the stairs was hard, with hollow legs. I also had a scratchy throat and messy sinuses. I was sleeping for 10-12 hours each night that weekend. Almost a mild flu. I eventually realised that the bug could hang around for a while, so on Sunday night I prayed again for healing and went to bed, and slept well. The next day I felt much better, and I went to the gym the following day and did my normal weights routine. Yet the day before I could barely drag myself up the stairs. Once again, incredible, but Praise the Lord for His prompt response.
  • Two weeks ago I became aware of an impingement within the top of my right arm, just below the shoulder joint. It was annoying and slightly painful if I moved my arm upwards or outwards, and there was crunching and grating of ligaments (or something inside the joint, I'm no expert on anatomy). I had no idea of how this had arisen, but it came on before I got back into weight-lifting. Maybe too much golf in Morocco? Anyway, I decided to pray again for healing, which I did just two nights ago, and I confess I was really amazed to wake up the next day and when I stretched, there was no discomfort and no grating. I kept lifting the arm and moving it about nearly all day, as I couldn't really believe it had cleared overnight (this is all new to me, and I'm sure I will eventually not be surprised by these minor miracles). 
It's all happened very quickly for me since 2016,  and I now have maximum possible faith. I have seen enough these past two months to realise that everything in the Bible is true, all of the promises from Jehovah are true, and He hears all of my prayers and responds very quickly indeed. Trust Him and obey Him, rather than following your own heart, and you too could experience His immense and loving power working for you daily.

Over the past couple of years I have also prayed for other people. One was a friend's sister, who had cancer in her throat, and I prayed for her, and she eventually had the all clear. I also prayed for a former friend who had stomach problems, but who relied on modern medicine to cure him, to no avail, but eventually he wrote that he was cured. He put it down to some supplement he had discovered though, whereas I put it down t my prayers, which took longer to work due to his lack of faith in the efficacy of prayer for healing (I don't know if he even tried prayer).

I heard some scripture very recently which covers this topic (2 Chronicles 16):

The Death and Burial of Asa

11And, behold, the acts of Asa, first and last, lo, they are written in the book of the kings of Judah and Israel. 12And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD, but to the physicians. 13And Asa slept with his fathers, and died in the one and fortieth year of his reign. 14And they buried him in his own sepulchres, which he had made for himself in the city of David, and laid him in the bed which was filled with sweet odours and divers kinds of spices prepared by the apothecaries' art: and they made a very great burning for him.
 It is clear that Asa had a record of not trusting God, as the previous verses in this chapter show:

7And at that time Hanani the seer came to Asa king of Judah, and said unto him, Because thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied on the LORD thy God, therefore is the host of the king of Syria escaped out of thine hand. 8Were not the Ethiopians and the Lubims a huge host, with very many chariots and horsemen? yet, because thou didst rely on the LORD, he delivered them into thine hand. 9For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars. 10Then Asa was wroth with the seer, and put him in a prison house; for he was in a rage with him because of this thing. And Asa oppressed some of the people the same time.

It didn't take very long for Jehovah to wipe out this King with illness once the King had shown his true colours by imprisoning the seer (prophet) in his anger. Shortly thereafter he was dead. I caution all readers to be fearful of Jehovah. He does not tolerate human pride and arrogance nor those who show anger towards speakers of truth.

I also mentioned Christian suffering in the title of this post, as it is clear that many Christians believe they are ordained to suffer here on earth, including via ill health. I recently had a discussion with my friend and brother locally on this subject, and he agreed with me eventually that there's no way a loving all-powerful God such as Jehovah intends His faithful and obedient followers to suffer (the 'and obedient' adjective is crucial in this regard. There's little point in having faith in God if at the same time you just igonre His laws, commands and statutes, and live your life in exactly the same way as the heathens. Obey Him, and have faith. My friend was happy to suffer with migraines and tinnitus, but had been subjected to some years of Roman Catholic schooling, so I could understand why he felt this was part and parcel of being a Christian.

Common sense should tell us that our God loves us and so does not want us to suffer, and in fact He wants to bless us with good health and plenty and all the usual blessings we see in the Bible for His righteous faithful. Sometimes nations let him down, and the whole nation is judged guilty and suffer God's wrath, but even then, a remnant is always preserved and blessed, and this was true even when the Israelites were captive in Egypt and Babylon. It will be true in the near future too, as many nations (probably the whole world) faces a final judgement and we see the return of Jesus Christ for His second mission.

As usual though, our faith has a counter-intuitive element, as we Christians DO INDEED suffer every day. We suffer such pain at seeing nearly the whole world turned away from Jehovah and turned to other gods (to include humanism and atheism, cut from the same cloth). The vast majority of Christians believe (for no good reason at all) that the entirety of Jehovah's laws, commands and statutes were thrown out when Jesus died on the cross for our sins, despite dozens of Jesus' own words to the contrary. Jesus was always obedient to His father, and very often talked about the importance of the Law. Not one bit of the Law was to pass away, and Jesus came to fulfill the law. Not to throw it all away and leave us in an earthly lawlessness. The definition of sin is the lack of obedience to God's laws. Today, sadly, so few grasp this obvious fact, so they work seven days a week, they don't help the poor, they have frequent divorces, they don't rest their fields on sabbath years, they blaspheme, they covet others' goods (under the false religion of socialism), they steal (again, via socialism) the list is endless. I stopped attending a local church when prayers were said for the UK's National Health Service, a place where millions of babies are terminated each year, as well as elderly people starved or dehydrated to death, and countless other evils. Why would a real Christian pray for that? They wouldn't.

To close, I said a long prayer to Jehovah last night about my last few market trades, all of which are in the red. I told Him that I couldn't care less about the money, I have plenty and my lifestyle would not be affected at all if I lost all of my trading capital (around £280,000). But He knows why I want some gains, to push forward with a pot of money for my theonomy project and to help the poor locally. I have never lost faith that He will deliver this for me, and I have a month left for the remaining trades to turn around and rise in value (as the market declines) recouping my losses and making some gains. Psalm 1 resonates with me, so I have great faith He will deliver for me and a few brothers who want to let the world know once again about His laws, commands and statutes, the perfect set-up for a great nation. Despite my faith, I realise that a prayer to Jehovah on the subject can only deliver a good response, so I will update you all in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, I praise the Lord again today, and every day, for His swift answers to my prayers and to all that He has blessed me with, and the experiences of these past two months, all of which are literally priceless.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

satan, peeved.

Saturday 23rd February was a very interesting day for me, one of the most fascinating of my life. At the time I was somewhat surprised by the events that transpired, but upon reflection, none of it should have been unexpected.

In the afternoon on that day I became engaged in a debate/disagreement with a Jehovah's Witness twitter account, after it picked up on a comment I'd made that included the name Jehovah. Within the discussion thread, I was directly attacking satan, accusing him of his usual lies and deceit, and of being a coward.

Here is a link to the thread, but please note it becomes slightly disjointed and sub-threads appear, as we each replied to comments, rather than keeping it all on one thread:

I will also now provide some screenshots, so that you can get a gist of my comments without needing to scroll through the whole thread:

So, it wasn't a bot, it was a real Jehovah's Witness person manning this Twitter account that day. They tell very subtle lies, attempting to equate Jesus Christ with Adam (and all other humans) as 'sons of God'. 

Scripture reveals that Jesus Christ was the literal Son of God, of Jehovah's seed, and born by Mary, whereas all other humans are more figurative sons of God, created via His hand, but not (obviously) of His divine seed. The Gospels confirm this fact several times, for example:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
I am not sure why I was so fiery in my attacking of satan on that day, but I have been more and more salty in online discourse these past two months, during which I have seen and experienced the protection and guidance of the Angel of the Lord, and only a week or so earlier I had witnessed a physical example of the hand of God literally changing something in our material world to give me a sign that he exists. So, I have been feeling very pumped up with the Holy Spirit, and this has spilled out in my attacks on satan and his lies online, as well as in my proclaiming the word of Jehovah and Jesus Christ too.

So, given that I had only just recently had been given a physical sign of the existence of Jehovah, (when a pop song was replaced by a gospel song, but only on a playlist on my phone, not on the same playlist on my PC, nor on a CD burned of the playlist), what happened during the evening of Saturday 23rd February really wasn't a surprise at all, although at the time I was surprised.

I had just returned home from a trip to the supermarket, and was unloading my car, when I noticed I had received a direct message from a twitter account, one that I'd recently followed and that had followed me back. It was an account focussed on stock  market trading, and I'd had some interaction with that account earlier that week, although the interaction (at the time) didn't strike me as out-of-the-ordinary at all. Here is the earlier public interaction to give you some background, and perhaps you will notice one or two things that I failed to notice at the time, but which were quite obvious when I reviewed them after the events of 23rd February:

I didn't notice the 'evil' emoji face at the time. I also didn't really notice that Keytrader agreed with me that 7 was an unusual number to see on a regular basis in decimal markets (he called it the 'ghost in the machine'), and yet he tried to tell me that Jehovah doesn't work that way, and that I was reading too much into it. I just thought he was cynical of my claims, and so directed him to my blog for some background reading about my experiences. I assume he did read my blog, and so became aware of the level of my faith and my saltiness too. (All of this became clear to me after the events of 23rd February, not before).

I'll now share the direct messages that were sent by Keytrader and my replies on that night. I will mention before you read them that I was initially confused at his opening comment, but 'something' made it clear to me who was sending me these messages via the Keytrader twitter user. Are you ready? (Please ignore the message he sent me on 20th February, which was market-related, but which seemed to be confirmation that he'd read my blog, and was aware of the repeating 7s).

I don't propose to explain the chat word by word, but those of you who have read some satanic writings online will recognise the pattern of lies employed. I will share two such pieces here as examples of the evil of satan. Please note both pieces are full of lies, and puff up satan (or Nature's Law) and seek to diminish Jehovah and Jesus Christ. Both also allude to a 'harvesting' that is coming soon, one that (in my opinion) relates to Biblical end times prophesies, and so the return of Jesus Christ for His second mission on earth. If you were satan, you'd be working extra hard right now to destroy as many souls as possible via these kinds of lies. Only a few will stick to the Truth as the prophesies are fulfilled.

The evil worldview of a Rothschild

Another example of their lies and deceit. And their evil.

As I was reading the first few messages, and within  minutes of me replying to them in initial confusion, three things happened. Firstly, I banged my head on the open boot (trunk) lid of my car as I removed bags of shopping. Next, I gave myself a small cut on a finger (like a paper cut, but with a piece of plastic food packaging), and thirdly, I stood on the tail of one of my cats (but I'd changed out of my shoes into soft slippers by then). All of these 'accidents' reminded me of the experience I had back in the summer of 2016 when I believe I was being attacked by a pagan calling down evil on me. It felt the same, as the accidents were not typical of my life at all, and they all happened within about 15 minutes of this twitter interaction starting.

However, once the conversation started, and I'd been given the revelation that this was satan himself moaning to me about attacking me that afternoon, I can confirm that I felt no fear or panic, in fact I felt very brave, as the chat probably shows. I tried to persuade him to repent of his evil, and played him some of the Bible, which didn't seem to be pleasing to him.

By the end of the conversation I think satan had departed from the body of Keytrader, hence (I think) his reply to my call to repent with a statement that I was 10 years too late for that. Also, his final comment, that God is with me already, reflects the satanist's view that they are serving their god, rather than Jehovah.

I've shared this experience with a number of Christian brothers and sisters, and only a few have been able to accept that this was most certainly satan, operating through one of his human servants, who was writing to me. You may find it hard to believe yourself. If so, read the thread again, and ask yourself, why did Keytrader warn me off from harassing him, when I'd not been harassing him at all, but I had been harassing satan himself during my debate with the Jehovah's Witness account? Why does Keytrader confirm what happened when satan was cast out from heaven? Why does Keytrader tell the lie about 'no opposing sides', and then in the next breathe declare that their side is winning? And why does Keytrader get so angry when confronted with an audio clip of the Bible, and declare that there's a 'special place in hell' for me? So many lies, from the literal father of lies. So much gaslighting, from the King of Gaslighting.

Draw your own conclusions of course, but I am sure. I decided to block the Keytrader account shortly thereafter, as I didn't think it was wise to engage in further conversation with a follower of satan, or with satan himself. I have God's work to do, I have no time to waste with that perpetual loser, an entity so weak and cowardly he had to ask me to stop attacking him on a Twitter thread read by maybe a few hundred people. Yes, he hates the light of the truth, and I once again give thanks to Jehovah for these opportunities to spread that truth and that light, all of it flows from Him, I have simply made myself entirely His vessel, now and for the rest of my life.

An interesting post-script to this experience came the next day, when my random playing of the Bible one again gave me a message via a chapter that I'd not heard before, but which was indicative of the fact that I am not the only salty follower of Christ to have been visited by satan:

Paul's Thorn and God's Grace

7And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure. 8For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me. 9And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 10Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.
I know well by now that the chapters that appear on my music player are far from random, and like St Paul, I know that the dreams and visions and revelations I am experiencing these past few years, and especially these past two months, are not in any way due to my virtue. I don't deserve any of it on my own merits whatsoever. My heart was opened by Jehovah, all that I can claim for myself is that I have left it wide open, and have cast off the shackles of past beliefs, and recognised the perfection of God's laws, commands and statutes, and how these, when combined with the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus for our sins, it's all the perfect set-up for humanity.

Now I proceed with sharing these revelations, and look forward to a life serving Jehovah, and sharing my experiences with others to help save some souls before it's too late. I also will do all I can to share the good news of the Law, and to use the Law to prepare for the possibility of new Christian nations, during Christ's reign here on earth, which I happen to believe is now not that far off.

May Jehovah give you all strength and faith to fight against the evils in this world, and may you know His love and support for you in your life, and may you be obedient to Him. Amen.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Jehovah is Waiting for you (part 7): The day of reckoning

Hello again.

I've been wanting to write this latest update to the 'Waiting for Jehovah' series for a few days, but the end of my holiday and return to England has meant I've had less time available, and also so many things keep happening that it's really hard to keep up. So this will be a long post, the last in this series (to finish with number seven seems appropriate of course).

I'm going to start with a really odd item. As a reminder though, I wrote this in the previous post in this series:

I'll just briefly mention that my first home was number 55 and my best friend here in England (a brother too of course) was born in 1955, and it's the number hks has at the end of his Twitter name.
I was moved whilst in Morocco to read about my late grandfather who sadly perished when his ship, HMS Galatea, was sunk by a German U-boat whilst just outside of the harbour in Alexandria in December 1941. I will wrote a complete post about my grandfather in due course, and some very incredible connections I have with him, and some typical appearances of 7s and 49s, and a few other unbelieveable signs that appear too, but for now I am just going to focus on one item, and that is the German Uboat that sank my grandfather's ship that night.

I am also going to explain a Bible chapter that played at the same time I was researching the ship on which my grandfather died. It was a Chapter in Ezra, which explained the drive and mission of Ezra (the scribe) to write down the Law of Jehovah, and then upon their relocation to Jerusalem, he read the law from the temple steps each week to make sure that the Jews knew the Law and that they followed it, in order to regain the blessings promised by Jehovah.

As you can imagine, having never heard of Ezra before I heard this chapter play, I was struck by the fact that his mission was exactly the same as mine, except I don't expect to be reading the Law in Jerusalem, but to be spreading the Law to the ex-Christian West, via the internet and a book and possibly other means, to give the opportunity for new nations under God to spring up after the righteous judgement of Jehovah via His global Sodom-event, when major population centres all over the world are hit by nuclear weapons, feeling His mighty wrath in the process.

So, getting to the point....sorry, at this point I need to jump back in time a little bit. I mentioned that number 55 in my previous post, and have copied that brief mention above. The same number cropped up again whilst I was away, when I was told that it's year of birth of my best friend back in England (a fellow Christian brother of course), and he was born in April 1955.

I mentioned the incidence of these 55s to my Christian brother in Canada, and here are a few screenshots of the conversation that ensued, which are self-explanatory:

So, I was awoken once again at around 5.30am, and as is typical for these moments, a thought is injected into my brain, I assume just before I am woken up, and I have to then go online immediately to confirm the thought injection. On this occasion, here are just a few of the links I discovered, which confirmed why the number 55 was appearing of late:

I do recall 10-4 as a CB radio call sign from my youth ( a long time ago), but I don't recall 5x5 at all, so one again I conclude the idea was planted in my head as I slept by the Angel of the Lord that is still with me. I took it as a sign that I was understanding God's many messages and signs, and that He was hearing my prayers too.

Back to the Uboat that sank my grandfather's ship. Here is a screenshot of the details of that Uboat (prepare yourself):

Here are some key facts and figures:

  • It's code is U557. Yes, a 55, followed by a 7. 
  • It's displacement is 749 tonnes. No explanation needed.
  • Maximum BHP of 1,400. 
  • It sank 7 ships with a combined tonnage of 36, 949.
  • Top speed of 17 knots
  • The two photos were supplied by a Willie Weiss. Weiss means 'white' in German. The name Galatea is greek, a girl's name, meaning 'white as milk'.
All of the above is very strange in its own right (and I'll be covering the Galatea in a separate post), but remember that I was reading the above at exactly the same time as I was discovering the stark similarities between my mission and that of Ezra the Scribe. So naturally I did some research on Ezra, and here's a screenshot from the wiki page (prepare yourself):

Phew, you'll note that he had a 7-part prophetic revelation, and (to my shock) he was likely to have had these revelations in the year 557BC. The same number as the code for the Uboat. 55 followed by a 7. Incredible, and yet it's all completely credible given that these signs are from God Himself.

Moving on, here are a few new twitter followers I've gained of late, you'll spot the numbers quite easily I'm sure, and also there was one called Iam Me, the name Jehovah told Moses for Himself:

I'll note that this last follower, Tom, shares my grandfather's first name (Thomas). Tom joined Twitter in July 2014 (7/14) and he has 21 followers. You'll spot other multiples of 7 as well as a couple of 67s (the year of my birth).

Near the end of my holiday, my friend in Morocco spotted the number of my apartment. We hadn't noticed it previously, as the number was high up in the right-hand corner of the door, not at eye-level. Here's a photo:

It had to be seven didn't it?

This is going to be a long post, and I still have two big items to cover, so I will plough on.

Next, just a few screenshots of some amazing numerical displays put on by Jehovah in recent days, as we approach the end of the stock market rally and turn into the crash period:

Now, a quick update on the story of the music playlist on my phone that was altered overnight whilst I was in Morocco, removing a pop song (The Piano Song, by a band called Erasure interestingly), to be replaced by a gospel song by Simple Faith called The Power of The Blood.

I took a video of the CD playing in my car (it was burned from the playlist via Itunes) and as expected it still had the pop song, and no gospel song, so was as I had produced the playlist originally. I then took a video of the playlist within Play music on my PC, and was expecting the gospel song to be there, but was surprised that it was still the original song. So, I had the same playlist on two different devices, with different songs, and a gospel song added to the playlist on my phone whilst I was away as a sign from God. Here are the three videos:

I view this item as the first physical proof I've had of the hand of God actually changing something in my life, something physical. It's such a blessing to know that Jehovah is with me, and is sending me these signs.

Two more items to cover quickly, as it's late here and I am very tired. First, I was reviewing the potential returns for my largest vix call options positions, and on the same day a chapter of the Bible played that immediately made me realise there was yet another connection, and an amazing one at that. Please see the attached image, which shows the gross US dollar cost of the options trade (although please note, the cost to me was exactly £100,000, and I had to increase the figure for this projection, as I pay a higher price for the options due to mark-ups by the UK brokers and the US broker they buy from, everyone gets a nice cut):

I had heard that chapter on the day after (or the same day, I can't recall) as I had been looking at the options projections. I am now accustomed to these sorts of matches, but 144,000 is quite a special sign I thought.

Finally, for the first time, on Friday 22nd of February, my random shuffle playing of the Bible played the very last book of the Bible, and the last chapter, Revelation 22 (on the 22nd). I took this as a sign that it was the end of the rally, and I would like to see a speedy decline now, as my large options trade expires at the open of US markets on 27th February, so only 3 days away. I need the vix to be at least 30 to avoid losing money, and it's currently at only 15.

But that wasn't all. As the chapter played, I heard this part:

Jesus said 'I am Alpha and Omega' which meant  'I am the beginning and the end'.

However, in finance it means something else, and is connected to the options trades I am using:

So, it was another incredible sign, the end of the rally on 22nd, and the beginning of the crash on the next trading day, which is now upon me, the 25th.

That's all for this post, but do keep a close eye out for the next post, as yesterday my twitter saltiness caused some discomfort to someone you all will have heard about, yet few will have heard from. Well, he was so peeved with me yesterday, he got in touch, and we exchanged messages for a couple of hours.

Full details to be provided later in the week, and for now I'll just reveal his name: satan. It's true, but you'll see when I share the chat transcripts.

God be with you all, dear readers. Please excuse any typos for now, I need to get to bed.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Jehovah is waiting for you (part 6): Test passed

Hello again.

Well, the past month, since I committed to tithe from my income and from my trading gains into Jehovah's theonomy project has been the most exhilarating of my entire life. The test of my faith throughout this period was difficult at times, especially adding a massive new position on 4th February, when the Angel of the Lord showed me that the crash period was going to be later than I expected, and that I needed to stump up much more capital to produce a fund to help finance the project.

I did it all, despite some very queasy feelings at times, as memories of my trading disasters from 2010 were flooding my brain. I lost 90% of my accumulated capital back then, a massive sum. Strangely I didn't really suffer mush mental anguish from that, as money has never been something I've coveted in its own right. I just saved it up for the future. This time, it's very exciting to know that within 2 weeks I will have (in all probability) an eight-figure sum to use to spread the word about the desperate need for the West to turn back to obeying Jehovah's laws, commands and statutes, as otherwise we're literally doomed to the final judgement. I have a very strong feeling in my heart that there will be a very powerful return to Jehovah, and feel honoured to be used by God to spread the word.

On that note, out of the blue just a couple of days ago I received a message from a brother who is a mutual follower on Twitter. He'd been reading my blog, and it turns out he's studied the Torah and other Hebrew texts extensively, and I didn't even need to ask, as he volunteered to help me, assuming we have the resources. I told him not to worry about the resources, they're in the bag. What a great example of Jehovah using the internet to put two brothers in touch to work together on this mission. Hallelujah.

I also received a message from another brother via Twitter, and he'd been reading Leviticus 14-16 that morning, and he told me that the Lord had put me in his heart as he read Chapter 16. It's the chapter about the scapegoat and the sacrifice of the bullock, and he thought of me due to the impending sacrifice of many bulls' trading funds into my hands for the Lord's benefit (and to a small degree to mine too). He has recently felt the calling to return to his faith with earnest, and it warms my heart to see that this sort of thing is happening more and more over the Western world, especially in America it seems. Again, praise the Lord for being there for His people as difficult times, and His judgement, approaches. It will be a period of much turmoil and suffering, so only through trusting in God and His ultimate salvation for us will we be assured of victory and His love. I personally am eager to see the modern Sodoms burn in a fiery storm, and we can rebuild a faithful world in the aftermath, with small nations of kith and kin, obedient to our God. The sooner the better. Here's a small section of our chat:

You will notice that his twitter name ends with the number 7, and I only noticed the following day that the comment I made about feeling something about Jehovah's law being a great sign was made at 14.07. Unplanned, as I'd received Mike's message out of the blue and then spent c.16 minutes listening to Leviticus 14-16, all great law chapters, including vital rules on cleanliness and foods to avoid, all advice not to be ignored, as Jehovah is so wise.

The past few days has also been marked by yet more signs from above that the market crash about to unfold is very carefully planned indeed. I will share some of the experiences below. They are all incredible, yet I have now seen so many I am no longer surprised at all.

In my last post I mentioned the number of trading days up until a peak on 5th December was 28. The market has continued higher squeezing my trading positions and causing some horrible memories of the squeezes and margin calls back in late 2010. This time however, it only got a bit tight yesterday, as today we have finally seen cracks appear in this rally from 26th December.

There are a variety of ways to measure this rally, depending on whether you start from the bottom day (24th December) or the first rally day (26th December). Here are some figures covering various dates:

  • From 26th December to the high for the Nasdaq and S&P 500 indices on 13th February was exactly 49 calendar days.
  • Measured to the day when the first cracks appeared, was 50 calendar days, to today, 14/2. A golden jubilee number into a day of 14/2 (=7). Very nice.
  • The S&P 500 closed 14th February at 2757.9. 2x7 and 5x7 is another 7x7.
  • For S&P futures, the opening price on 7th February was 2727 dead. On 11th February the high for the day was 2721.5, the low was 2700.5, and the closing price was 2707.75. On the 12th the opening price was 2707 dead, and the points range that day was 42.5. On 13th February the closing price was 2749.25 (very impressive that one: 2/7....49....2+5). On 14th February we had the same opening price as the previous close, at 2749.25. The high was 2763, a 51 point difference from the December 3rd high. 51 is the year after the golden jubilee.
There have been plenty of other market sightings of 7s, as well as many sightings of 888s, which is a number related to Jesus Christ, I won't bore you with the long list, as I have more interesting experiences to report.

First though, I will just refresh your memory about the vision I was given in the early hours of 1st February by the Angel of the Lord, moving my hands on an app I use on my phone and showing me a crash in the QQQ tracking fund down to 163 within what looked like less than an hour. I still expect to see that in real, it was impossible to see back on 1st February, but I saw it. An amazing experience.

If you read the comments under my previous post, you will see some comments from Vaughan Williams, a brother from Canada I know quite well, and who has a very solid fervour for the Law of Jehovah. He mentioned that the 37 minutes to seven I saw in the stopped clock at the hairdressers  is the 12th prime number, with connections to the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 disciples and also of course the months in a year. He then saw some 37s on the internet immediately after making that comment.

I can go better than that though. I was explaining the 37s to my friend Jamal in his home, and we were also talking about a friend of his we were hoping to meet later in the week. His friend has no knowledge whatsoever of the matters discussed at this blog, he doesn't know it exists, and he has no knowledge of the 7s, the market crash or the 37s.

Within a few minutes of Jamal and I discussing the 37s I received a whatsapp message from Jamal's friend, and it was just a photo of some boots (see attached). But the boots had something placed near them, which once again left me in a state of wonderment. Here are the screenshots of the chat that followed:

Isham is a Muslim of course, yet clearly Jehovah used him that evening to send me a very special message. I rate this as one of the best signs I've had during the past month. 

It's now the early hours of the morning on 16th February 2019 as I finish off this long post, so much has been happening, it's going to be a big update.

I'll start with the continuing run of 7s and other numerical matters.

Here is Jamal's car number plate (he bought the car, I was not in the country at the time):

There are 2 x 7s on the plate, as well as my year of birth, 67.

Here is the number plate of a car in front of us as Jamal drove us back to Agadir from our golf game this evening:

I noticed it and took the photo, saying to Jamal that it was 77 and my year of birth, and he reminded me that 77 was his birth year too. Pretty impressive.

On the way to golf today we passed a radar speed sign with a flashing neon display showing the speed of passing cars. As I saw it, it flashed 49 three times, 50 twice and 51 once.

On the way back home I did a quick turn of the volume button on the car's stereo system, and noticed that the level stopped at 49. No photo sorry.

We played snooker last night, and early on in the 2nd frame, this was the score:

We had both scored 7 points each. This is more unusual than it might seem, as I am a much better player than Jamal and normally open up a large lead before he pots a ball.

I saw a sign a few nights ago by the road which read '7J/7'. I didn't get a chance to take a photo. It means the shop is open 7 days out of 7, but it was the first such sign I'd noticed in Agadir in 11 years of visiting.

The S&P 500 futures had a big move up today. Were it not for my faith in the ensuing crash, I would be quite depressed I suppose. I have already lost £68,000, and my account is standing over £117,000 in the red, this sum adds up to the proceeds of the recent sale og my home, plus potentially some more if the market keeps going up. But, it won't, today was the end, and Monday the crash begins, just in time, as it needs to start within the current full moon cycle and the next full moon is on Tuesday 19th February, The US markets are closed on Monday 18th for President's Day, so the rest of the world can start the crash cycle and the US can follow on behind on Tuesday, and it should only take 10 trading days at most, but I still have a suspicion that the worst day will be 27th February, so that my biggest trade position catches the meat of the crash, We shall see very shortly indeed.

The S&P futures closed at a special level, as chosen by Jehovah today: 2777.75, please see the chart below:

This rally, which started on 26th December has been much longer than most expected, 35 trading days, 51 calendar days. Most investors think we're going to continue to higher and higher levels, and those who were expecting a decline have mostly given up, or been wiped out by the relentless rise. Yet, I know in my heart what comes next, as the Angel of the Lord has shown me, and He's tested both my faith and my patience for the past month or so, and I have been able to remain calm and happy and confident in what lies ahead. It has been the best month of my life, but better ones lie ahead.

Here are some of my recent twitter followers and I have noted the numerical (and other) signs once again:

Following 170, with 27 followers, and a pinned tweet dated 1st June 2017.

This follower's twitter name starts with the numbers 0749

This follower's twitter name is JJ Lamb. His last tweet was sent 17 minutes before I took the screenshot and that tweet mentions the number 7.

As I write I have the Bible playing in the background on random shuffle via Google's play music, I have the whole Scourby version saved in my music library (it's the Sabbath) but I'm not really listening with full attention. However I did just hear the word scapegoat mentioned a few times, and realised that Leviticus 16 had been randomly selected, the same chapter as Mike had been reading (as mentioned above) when the Lord put me in his heart. How wonderful was that.

Next, I may have mentioned already (or not) that I have two Christian acquaintances who are also trading the same positions as me. I didn't realise when they became involved that this married couple have birthdays on 27th and 28th February, dates which could coincide with the bottom of this crash (or the middle of it). The wife's father was a researcher into and an admirer of Alfred The Great, my hero, a King of early Britain who set this nation up under Jehovah's law. This wife's father even had a statue erected to King Alfred, and (if my memory serves me) wrote a book about Alfred too. All very interesting connections.

Also, today I had a phone call with a brother and friend in Canada (known online as Mycroft) and later we exchanged some messages, which are copied below:

So, this friend and brother is literally now about to enjoy his birthday, and I pray he has a good day, but it's no coincidence that we are both lovers of the law and faithful servants to Jehovah, but it's amazingly good planning by Jehovah to connect us quite recently and to arrange this crash event to begin just as the weekend of my friend's birthday occurs in the middle of the rally and the crash.

This next one is really (yet again) simply incredible, and yet (as you will read) it is also totally credible. On the 7th February I had a very vivid dream about a twitter contact, we follow one another, and have exchanged a few messages privately. He is the guy who had a locked account, and I managed to become a follower in the very few days when he had his account open, before he locked it again, and he's a student of the past, like me, and he'd spotted the 1929 and 1987 crash analogies.

I sent him a message today (yesterday actually, as it's now nearly 3am on 16th February here), and was moved to press him for an answer to a question I'd asked on 8th February.

Please read the following string of messages, and bear in mind I have never met him, and don't know what he looks like, nor anything at all about his personal life. Yet I had a dream about him on the 7th February and another dream in which he appeared this morning. (Please excuse my use of an expletive, the moment just made me get very exhilarated indeed):

I've known I was given a vision by the Angel of the Lord about the upcoming crash of the QQQ fund, where the Angel moved my hands on my phone to show me the start of the crash in advance (that was a very strange experience indeed, but one I will always treasure). Now I know for sure that the dreams I have been having about this Twitter contact are also visions, and it's another confirmation that a big 1987-style crash is going to happen imminently. I am truly blessed to have this experience, thank you so much Jehovah, I love you so much.

I'll just briefly mention that my first home was number 55 and my best friend here in England (a brother too of course) was born in 1955, and it's the number hks has at the end of his Twitter name.

Here are some more Twitter screenshots for your enjoyment:

I ran a Twitter poll for fun. I received exactly 28 votes, and they were split down the middle, meaning 2x 50s (golden jubilee year) and the votes were 14 for each option so two lots of 2x7. Impressive work again by Jehovah.

Daniel joining as a follower was brilliant. Apart from it being the 27th book of the Bible, he was born in 1977 and on that day was celebrating his 42nd birthday. Very impressive indeed, but easy for Jehovah.

All of the above followers joined me recently, and as you look closely at their profile pages you'll see 7s, 17s and multiples of 7s galore. One of them was even captured by me as a screenshot at 17.17 this afternoon I notice.

Today I had the Bible on random shuffle play all afternoon and it played Acts 2 today, and two sections caught my attention:

'Your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams'.

Well, I am 51, so I'll claim to be middle-aged, and I am having both visions and dreams that glimpse the future and provide knowledge about other people and situations of which I had no prior knowledge whatsoever. You can perhaps imagine how strange it feels to be me at the moment, but it has been the most exciting month of my life by miles.

This chapter also talks about a solar eclipse and a blood red moon, both of which we've seen in the past 5 weeks and both of which are linked to market crashes, and all in one chapter. Very good to read indeed. Whilst on the subject of the crash, it has to start on Monday 18th, as the big 87-style crashes happen within the first full moon cycle after a solar eclipse, and that cycle ends Monday, as the next full moon is on 19th. I am quite sure it will start on Monday, and that its proximity to the full moon on the 19th will only magnify the intensity of the crash. But we'll see.  At this point, even if the S&P500 just re-tested the December lows, it would mean a drop of around 20%, and likely within 7 trading days. But if it crashes, it would be another 15% - 20% more, so pretty big. A big one is due, see the attached Fibonacci time study from 1987 to date:

Right, I am going to stop there, as in honesty it's becoming hard to keep up with it all, I am sure I have left a few details out due to there being so many. Oh yes, I just remembered, one of the other investment professionals with whom I've been chatting privately on Twitter has just today revealed himself to be a Christian too, so there's so much evidence that Jehovah is putting brothers together, and I'm sure it's happening all over the world. The awakening and the feeling that we need to return to and obey our God is growing, and rest assured we will be victorious, it's guaranteed.

Thanks for reading, and may Jehovah bless you and help you to see His ways are the only way.